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Sunday , 03 Jul 2022

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

Jul , 2022



To have competent laboratory personnel who will provide medical laboratory services effectively at different health care settings and cope with existing and emerging health issues.


To establish conducive and sustainable training environment that will allow students and graduates to perform competently at their relevant levels and aspire for attainment of higher knowledge, skills and attitudes in promoting health, preventing diseases and caring for clients in all settings.



The programme aims to achieve the following goals:
  1. To form a flexible course that is responsive to dynamic and rapidly changing world of work and the society;
  2. To provide medical laboratory skills, knowledge and behaviours that is vital to learners, employers and the community;
  3. To entice self-realisation and team work skills that enable graduates to perform efficiently and aspire for higher level training;
  4. To build capacity to participate in the implementation of National Health Policy and its accompanying Operational Guidelines;and
  5. To propagate and promote moral, legal and ethical conduct among laboratory personnel and other health workers within the medical laboratory sciences profession and national legal framework.

Purpose of the Programme

This level is meant to provide basic Medical Laboratory Sciences knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes to students. All modules are fundamental and are intended to build students knowledge and skills necessary for acquiring competences for the practice of Medical Laboratory Sciences; instil motivation for life-long learning and good foundation for progress studies in Medical Laboratory Sciences.


The main objectives of this programme are to:
  1. Form a starter in Medical Laboratory Sciences profession practice, career advancement and a primary role for medical laboratory management in health care service delivery;
  2. Impart appropriate basic knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to medical laboratory sciences practice in relation to preventive and curative health care services in the community;
  3. Steer creativity and innovativeness in response to challenges inherent in medical laboratory sciences practice and health care delivery;
  4. Inculcate a culture of teamwork and build critical thinking and problem solving skills in medical laboratory sciences and health care practice;
  5. Promote a good sense of citizenship, accountability and responsibility to graduates;
  6. Stimulate life-long learning behaviour for laboratory personnel and advancement of medical laboratory sciences profession; and
  7. Provide an international outlook of the learning content and context so as to widen learners‟ advantages into regional and international labour markets.


a) Certificate

A candidate who intends to exit at NTA level 5 -must have a Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with minimum passes of “D” in the following subjects; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematic and English.

b) Diploma

A candidate who intends to exit at NTA level 6 must have a Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with minimum passes of "D" credits in Biology and Chemistry, and a „D‟ passes in Physics, Mathematic and English.

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