Ordinary Diploma in nursing and Midwifery



To have competent nurses and midwives who will provide nursing and midwifery care effectively at different health care settings and cope with existing and emerging health issues.


            To establish conducive and sustainable training environment that will allow students and

graduates to perform competently and aspire for attainment of higher knowledge, skills and attitudes in promoting health, preventing diseases and caring for the sick as well as rehabilitating the debilitated individuals in all settings.

            PROGRAMME GOAL      

            The goal of this programme is to improve the overall quality of health care delivery through

Competently trained nurses and midwives who are confident, dynamic, well informed, with moral integrity and able to work flexibly in different contexts in meeting the demands of the society.

            Programme Objectives

  1. Enrol learners with desirable entry qualifications into the programme
  2. Engage qualified and competent trainers in the facilitation of student learning
  3. Distribute adequate and appropriate resources for enabling the teaching and learning process
  4. Create conducive environment for teaching and learning n schools, clinical and Community settings
  5. Monitor teaching and learning processes in schools, clinical and community settings
  6. Evaluate students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude in schools, clinical and

Community settings

  • Create strategies for formative and summative programme evaluation
  • Produce competent Nurses and Midwives who will provide quality health care in Tanzania


            Minimum Requirement

The  course is open to candidate who has a Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with minimum grade of “C” in Biology and Chemistry, pass at grade “D” in Physics/Engineering Science and English language, pass in Mathematics in an added advantage.